Difficulties in entering the foreign market are often caused by a lack of business partners with whom one could cooperate and develop an appropriate strategy. It is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking, especially given the delicate issue of problems in establishing relationships.

Therefore, our team offers a bundle of services related to the search for business partners in a simple and timely manner tailored to the individual needs of the client.

The process of selecting one or more business partners is divided into the following stages:

  • analysis of the retail industry and related products of the commissioning company;
  • preparation of materials presenting the company’s operations in Polish, English and/or Italian;
  • highlighting the main and secondary purpose of activity;
  • finding partners through various business channels;
  • preparation of a long list of potential partners;
  • selection of the most interesting companies in agreement with the client;
  • contact with selected companies: sending information materials and interview;
  • final report with selection results;
  • organization of a B2B meeting agenda;
  • help and support in the organization of meeting(s) with potential partners on behalf of and for the commissioning company.